Pricing Plan

17 Jul 2024

property management softwares

You can now select any pricing Plan from your existing account. You can learn from our tutorial video if you need clarity on how to do it. 

You can update your account with a new pricing plan once it expires (or even before if you need it). In My Account, you will find details about the current pricing plan you are subscribed to, including the subscription and expiration dates. It is possible to see the number of features and Free Trial days even if you are subscribed to the Free Trial. This section also makes it easy for you to change your subscription from one plan to another. There are three primary plans available - Free Trial, Standard, and Pro. The plans are designed to fit the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. Following your trial period, you can choose one of three budget-friendly subscription plans based on your satisfaction with the excellent offerings and features. You can easily implement blockchain software solutions into your organization's everyday workflow with our software. The process simplifies the paperwork, increases productivity, enhances blockchain security, and assures document transparency. Try us today and enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology using our software.