The Ultimate Blockchain-secure Solution To Buy, Sell & Manage Real Estate Properties.

Now list, buy, sell & verify real estate properties like never before using the security of blockchain technology!

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Why VeriSettle?

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  • With VeriSettle

    Easy to list properties and all property-related documents - all on the same platform. Simple QR scanning to verify the legitimacy of property documents. All transactions are transparent and stored on the blockchain.

  • Without VeriSettle

    No guarantee of property or real estate agent legitimacy. No scope to verify the property paperwork. Easy to fall under the influence of fraudsters and get scammed.

Now no need to lose your mind over real estate-related matters - let VeriSettle handle all the hard work!

Using blockchain technology to bring transparency in real estate dealings

VeriSettle uses blockchain technology to store real estate documents that can be verified using easy QR scanning whenever needed & only by the required people with proper access. There is no fear of any unrequired people viewing/getting access to vital paperwork.

But Managing Properties (Buying/Selling) Is Different With VeriSettle

  • Now easily list properties by address, unit, area, type, and others that buyers can track using exact location on Google Maps. Easy to upload property-related photos, videos & floor plans to attract the right buyers.

  • Once the property is uploaded by the admin along with all the required details, it cannot be edited further as all the details are stored in the blockchain, preventing any frauds or scams.

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Aren’t All Property Management Solutions Like This?

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  • Not at all. VeriSettle uses blockchain technology to make the entire property listing, selling & buying procedure secure and transparent for everyone.

  • No content can be manipulated ever. Once all the vital information is stored in the blockchain, it becomes completely tamper-proof, thus preventing any suspicious activities.

  • There is no scope for forged paperwork. As all documents uploaded on VeriSettle have a verifiable QR code that can be scanned using any smart device to check their legitimacy.

VeriSettle creates a transparent & smooth workflow for real estate transactions.

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All contract details can be uploaded, including contractor name, contractor number, title, and property owner name - this makes the entire property deal transparent for both buyer & seller.

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List Multiple Properties

Individual agents can list multiple properties for buying/selling without the trouble of physical interactions or offline paperwork.

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Invite People

Now invite the required people like buyers, sellers, visitors, builders, etc. to check out a listed property or verify necessary property-related documents.

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All-in-one Property Management

VeriSettle ensures that all property-related documents are completed (including uploading eSignatures wherever needed) and that required people are updated and given the right access.

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Easy To Use (User-friendly)

Just list properties to buy/sell, upload the required documents and connect with the right people - without any hassle. Our user-friendly interface makes sure your transactions are smooth and efficient!

Saves You Money

VeriSettle is designed to make property management not just simple & transparent but cost-efficient for all. Our subscription plans are affordable and come with exciting benefits.

Everyone Can Manage Properties Efficiently With VeriSettle

With the rise of real estate transactions globally, there is a higher chance of people getting scammed - costing millions of dollars in losses annually. This is where VeriSettle is designed to help with transparent real estate transactions, utilising blockchain security. VeriSettle property management solution ensures contractors, sellers, buyers and other related people are all on the same page when it comes to paperwork and transactions - all verifiable by scanning our secure QR code using any smart device!

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  • Unlimited Logins
  • Blockchain Verification
  • No document storage cost
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For Single Property
  • Full Admin Access
  • Full Access to Digital Locker
  • Quick Access Dashboard
  • Unlimited Logins
  • Blockchain Verification
  • No document storage cost
  • No contract

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