I have medium size business. Should I go for Saas Model or in-house Software development?

17 Jul 2024

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SaaS (Software as a Service) is becoming more and more common. Over the last decade, organisations have increasingly invested in Information Technology (IT) by implementing SaaS. SaaS has become a popular IT investment trend for a number of reasons. Because SaaS offers advantages that are not offered in other software models.

 If viewed from the cost, organisations using SaaS need to pay subscription fees only. On the other hand, organisations can only plan the cost of purchasing or developing software for in-house software. The organisation cannot determine any other costs, such as downtime, training, servers, installation and configuration, and license maintenance fees.

The time needed for SaaS is relatively short compared to in-house software, which is relatively long. This is because SaaS is a ready-made solution that is ready for use by users.

By using SaaS organisations and companies need a minimum number of employees to monitor SaaS. This is different from the in-house software, which requires IT experts to handle the in-house software.

The features offered by SaaS are limited; that is, SaaS only offers features provided by the SaaS provider company, while the features in the in-house software can be created and customised as much as possible according to the business processes of the organisation or company. However, the features in SaaS meet the existing best practices. 

Clients do not need to think about updates or security issues in SaaS because the SaaS provider company handles those issues. In contrast to in-house software, organisations and companies need to provide IT experts to deal with those issues.