How can I use a QR code to verify documents?

17 Jul 2024

commercial property management software

To fully understand the use of Qr code verification, let us first learn what is a 3-way unique hash verification.

Every document created with blockchain-based SaaS solutions has a unique hash value (UHV) that is crucial when it comes to certificate verification.

Once a document is created, the UHV is generated on the blockchain, in the document, and also in the software’s database. Great blockchain-based verification solutions offer QR codes on created documents that can be scanned using any smart device. To verify any document, the user simply has to scan it using their mobile phone from anywhere and at any time. Once scanned, the software retrieves the document from the client’s server along with the unique hash value of the certificate. In turn, the software now retrieves the unique hash value of that particular document from its parent server.

In the end, if both the unique hash values match, the original document (created by the issuer) will be displayed on the screen. Now, the user can easily match the data of the scanned document with the data of the original document.  

This is the quickest and simplest way to check the authenticity of any document created and stored using blockchain-based software.